Respiratory Protection


Particularly strict regulations apply for shotblasting to ensure a maximum of safety at work. It can be chosen between varieties of shotblasting protective devices respective -helmets depending on the result of the risk assessment. Shotblasting protective helmets C4 and P4 are unique. They protect the head against falling objects (safety helmets) also. All shotblasting protective equipments are comfortable, reliable and safe.

Triple protection - respiratory protection, head protection and body trunk protection - guarantees additional safety while shotblasting. Breathing air can be warmed up when needed.
Sturdy and non-ageing compressed air tubes for breathable air are fitted with safety coupling and -nipple. All compressed air filter are made for tough everyday working conditions and are very well proven.

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Inner Visor for P4-PLUS
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Filter Element V
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Filter Element S
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Filter Element A
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EKASTU-Membrane Compressor
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