Particularly strict regulations apply to the transport of hazardous materials.

These regulations are ruled in the European agreement of international transportation of hazardous materials "ADR" (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises dangereuses) and are valid for all contracting countries. In Germany, the regulations of "ADR" are implemented in the regulations for transport of hazardous materials by road, rail and inland waterways „GGVSEB".

In appendix 8.1.5 certain equipment for the protection of drivers and environment in the event of damage are required. These includes personal protective equipment (PPE) which the vehicle crew have to use in case of an accident in order to protect themselves against leaking substances or other dangers while they either stay close to the vehicle and limit the damage or leave the location of the accident for their own safety.

It shall be noted that for every member of the vehicle crew a suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) has to be available.

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