EKASTU Safety – Since 1933

A complete Range of Products in Professional Quality

EKASTU Safety manufactures a wide range of first class Personal Protective Equipment such as Respiratory Protection, Eye Protection, First Aid and Hand Protection.
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EKASTU Safety products comply with National, European and International Norms, in the development of these norms EKASTU Safety is actively involved. This assures for each user of our products a maximum protection for every work situation and for all individual requirements.

The innovative know how, which is strictly aligned to the requirements of the market, guarantees now and in future the best available technology of products.


Production locations in Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein provide access to international markets. The varying requirements incorporate into the research and development activities. EKASTU Safety are using completely new types of materials, innovative manufacturing techniques and problem-solving modernistic designs.

All over the world day-by-day, many users rely on the great EKASTU Safety protection. We offer to our customers maximum safety with maximum utilize and these for fair prices, whether for products or services.
Since over 80 years, EKASTU Safety customers are satisfied and loyal customers.

Experience & Outstanding Service have always been the Maxims and Keys to our Success

We take customer service extremely serious. In EKASTU Safety, you have a manufacturer who offers to you comprehensive services beyond the pure product. Training seminars and programmes, instructions for donning and doffing as well as files of hazardous substances are examples of this service. We provide specialist advisory services. Our experienced professionals offering individually personal protective equipment solutions.

In general, the deliveries are just in time.

More than 80 years of experience in occupational health and safety are the foundation for the reliability.

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