Hand Protection

Chemical protective gloves are gloves, which protect the hands against damage from external mechanical, thermal and chemical influences as well as against microorganisms and ionising radiation.

In order to select the most suitable gloves all dangers which occur in the workplace shall be accurately ascertained. For this, risk assessments are made which analyse the type and extent of the risk in the workplace (duration and probability of the risk) for the employees as well as their working conditions and the personal constitution of the wearer.

DIN EN 374 (1–3), 
Chemical Dangers

EN ISO 374-1:2016+A1:2018/Typ A,
Chemical Dangers

DIN EN 388, 
Mechanical Risks

EN 388:2016+A1:2018,
Mechanical Risks

DIN EN 374 (1–3), Bacteriological Contamination

EN ISO 374-5:2016,
Bacteriological Contamination
(Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi)

DIN EN 374 (1–3), Bakteriologische Kontamination

ISO 18889:2019-04,
Protection level G2
Protection Gloves for users of pesticides

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