First Aid

Eye Wash Bottles

The first few seconds after an eye accident can be of vital importance, if the eyes are damaged and if yes, how severe the damage effectively is. Quick access to eye washing, especially for working places that pose a risk for eye accidents, is extremely important. Eye Wash Bottles are used within the framework of first aid, in order to minimize injuries of the eyes, by rinsing. Filled EKASTU Eye Wash Bottles are eye showers without water connection, according to standard DIN EN 15154-4. All filled (FD) Eye Wash Bottles are Medical Devices. All bottles are leak-proof and made of transparent polyethylene (PE). The EKASTU Eye Wash Bottles of the series MINI and ADR are ideal for carrying in breast- or coat pockets.

The empty (EY) EKASTU Eye Wash Bottles are conceived in order to place them as close as possible to a suitable water intake. In case of an eye accident, they can be filled with water and used immediately. This procedure clearly distinguishes the empty Eye Wash Bottles from the filled versions.

Single Use Rescue Breathing Device for Lay Persons

The EKASTU Safety Single Use Rescue Breathing Device for Lay Persons is a tested Medical Device in accordance with DIN 13154. Inhibitions of potential first aiders to infect themselves with diseases, during mouth to mouth or mouth to nose resuscitation, as well as disgust for contact with secretion, blood or vomit can reduce the efficiency of rescue breathing immense. At worst these facts can discourage  people to help, when invaluable assistance is much needed. PRIMUS creates an effective barrier between first aiders and patients.  Thanks to the EKASTU Safety Single Use Rescue Breathing Device  the directly contact is prevented and the inhibition threshold is significantly lowered. The device consists of a filtering, hydrophobic part and an aging and temperature resistant foil with fixing straps.  The risk to infect each other with diseases, is minimized by the filter material, that features a low breathing resistance. In order to visualise, in case of emergency, the already simple utilisation of the EKASTU Safety Single Use Rescue Breathing Device to first aiders, it is shown on the foil, in the form of well understandable pictograms. A booklet, with useful information, as emergency numbers and instructions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation using PRIMUS Rescue Breathing Device, is attached to the product.