Respiratory Protection

Shotblasting protective Helmet C4-PLUS with Leather Cape and Sleeves

Order no. 144154

€ 654,38 UVP

Product information

(DIN EN 14594 plus DIN EN 397:2000 0°C - +50°C apron 6.6 and 6.7 (Reflection loss requirements and penetration requirements))

  • durable fibre glass polyester helmet with glass visor 
  • exchangeable inner anti-fogging visor with rubber frame 
  • wire mesh screen 
  • very stable window case with adjustable fastener
  • integrated air flow indicator grants the safety 
  • the rubber helmet cover ensures for noise reduction and wear reduction
  • protective cape made of leather with sleeves
  • adjustable waist belt 
  • air flow regulator and safety-nipple for compressed air hose connection 
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