Respiratory Protection

EKASTU Single Use Rescue-Breathing Device PRIMUS

Order no. 711111

€ 4,52 UVP

Product information

  • Medical Device
  • in accordance with DIN 13154
  • consisting of a filtering, water repellent part and a transparent, aging and temperature resistant foil with fixing straps
  • low breathing resistance
  • creates a barrier to avoid the immediate contact between first aiders and patients
  • for single use only

For resuscitation as a first aid measure for lay persons, in accordance with DIN 13154. The single use rescue breathing device creates a barrier which prevents direct contact. Therefore, the inhibition threshold for rescue breathing will be lower. It consists of a filtering hydrophobic part and a transparent plastic film, which is resistant to temperature and non-ageing, with fixing straps. Low resistance to breathing provides uncomplicated and safe rescue breathing.

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