Respiratory Protection

Fire Escape Hood SEKUR esCAPe

Order no. 466429

€ 142,80 UVP

Product information

This small lifesaver guarantees safety in almost every situation of your daily life

  • DIN EN 403:2004
  • packed in space saving (16,5x10,5x10,5 cm), striking and sealed plastic housing with a
    gross weight of approx. 500 g only
  • protects for at minimum 15 minutes against dangerous substances as fire gases, vapours,
    smoke and fumes
  • great scope of protection of the respiratory organs, eyes and head
  • very easy donning within a few steps, schematic procedure pictogram displayed on
    lid of housing
  • consisting of a striking yellow hood with unlimited field of vision, continuously
    adjustable collar, filter and mouthpiece assembly
  • based on the uniqueness of the mouthpiece assembly device can be worn from each person,
    even wearing beard and spectacle
  • wearer stays visible even in fogged environments and enables user a better view due to the
    yellow hood
  • used materials are certainly heat and flame resistant
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