Respiratory Protection

Filtering Device with Hood escABEK-P3 15 with belt attachment

Order no. 466428

€ 130,90 UVP

Product information

This small lifesaver ensures your safety in almost every situation.
The device with hood and respiratory filter protects the respiratory organs, the eyes as well as the entire head!

  • DIN 58647-7-ABEK 15 and DIN EN 14387
  • protects at minimum 15 minutes against dangerous substances like organic, inorganic gases and vapors, sulfur dioxide and ammonia as well as particles of toxic and highly toxic substances
  • sealed, while space saving (15x10x10) cm, safely packed
  • high level of protection of respiratory organs, eyes and the head
  • very easy donning within a few steps, schematic procedure pictogram printed on the lid of housing
  • consisting of a hood with unlimited field of vision, continuously adjustable collar, filter and mouthpiece assembly
  • due to the uniqueness of the mouthpiece assembly the device is suitable for almost every user
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