First Aid

Eye rinsing station (EPS) complete, with 2 EKASTU Eye Wash Bottles

Order no. 277999

€ 58,91 UVP

Product information

  • consisting of 2 Medical Devices and one Eye Wash Station for protected storage
  • content: EKASTU Eye Wash Bottle ECO with funnel, approx. 600 ml FD and EKASTU Eye Wash Bottle MINI-ECO with funnel, approx. 200 ml FD
  • Eye Wash Bottles according to DIN EN 15154-4
  • for immediate availability in hazardous areas
  • dust-proof
  • easy-to-open lid
  • protects Eye Wash Bottles from extreme temperatures (coldness and heat)
  • expiry date can be marked on the easily to open lid
  • simple installation
  • tip: if there is a risk of large temperature fluctuations, we recommend storage in the eye wash station (EPS)
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