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History of EKASTU Safety GmbH
On June 1, 1933, Erwin Klein senior founded our company, which specialised in the field of industrial safety from the very beginning. Even then the manufacture and sale of respiratory protection devices were one of the main fields in which the company worked. Foam rubber masks in particular formed part of the standard range of the company, and the fine dust mask "Lungenheil" were one of the first respiratory protection products which have been sold through specialist distributors successfully. These were the company's most important sales partners, right from the beginning, and they still are.
The trademark "EKASTU" - Erwin Klein Arbeitsschutz (= Personal Protection) Stuttgart - is legally protected and develops in the specialist trade into a hallmark for industrial protection products of high quality over the years.

The respiratory protection device EKASTU-Plast is introduced. Besides their own products, the Erwin Klein company also has on offer a number of items for which they have the sole distribution rights for the Federal Republic of Germany, whereby particular value is placed on good quality; one of the company principles from the very beginning has been the acquisition of quality expert reports from the appropriate licensing authorities for the products which the company sells.

Around the middle of the 1950s Erwin Klein Jr. strengthens the close cooperation with the specialist trade by regular visits to customers. In addition to his professional consultations, he placed great value on the human relationship between the suppliers and his customers. It is principally a result of his personal commitment that he and his firm have acquired a reputation for honesty and reliability, leading to the development of close partnerships, which are still in existence today.
With its participation in DIN committees - and later CEN and ISO committees - the company is in an ideal position for ensuring that its products are always in line with state of the art technologies.

Through the close contacts with the specialist trade at this time the range of products is adapted to the requirements of the customers, always ensuring however that the quality of the products is in line with the technical standards demanded by industrial protection. Our company is also involved in the development and sale of goggles, hearing protection devices, acid and gas protection suits and protective hoods for shot blasters. Our experience of the production of respiratory protection masks going back several decades stands us in good stead for maintaining the required quality and safety.
The company moves into its new business premises at Gutenbergstrasse 75, where headquarter it is located until 2012. The expansion of the product range and the high level of merchandise turnover had made this move imperative. The C 60 gas mask is successfully introduced at this time, as the first version of the Colorex half mask.
The continued growth of the company means that in the middle of the 1970s the storage space needs to be expanded. The first versions of the special half masks of the 212 series, which are today used all over the world, are developed at this time. The full face mask C 607 supersedes the C 60 gas mask and the EKASTU range of protective gloves becomes well-known throughout the specialist trade. The present form of the company logo is introduced and patented worldwide as a word/picture trade mark.

Trade mark in current version

At the beginning of the 1980s our company adapts its internal organisation to the use of electronic data processing in conjunction with a further expansion of the business premises.
The company is transformed into a GmbH and Co. (corresponds more or less to a private limited company).
In April 1986 the business management graduate Wolfgang Klein joins the company and is appointed managing director in January 1987.

The product range is constantly changing. The full face mask C 607 F supersedes the preceding model, while additional gloves, including those made of nitrile and polychloroprene, are developed and incorporated into the range to round it off. The EKASTU range of filters is extended and the development of environmentally-friendly filters begun. Internally the company is restructured in order to be able to meet future challenges.
A new electronic data processing system supersedes the old one, enabling rapid and smooth order processing by the use of a multi-user system and modern word processing.
From the beginning of 1990 the goods are delivered by parcel services in order to guarantee fast and reliable delivery. As a rule, articles are delivered within 24 hours.
Participation as the largest shareholder in the firm DPI S.r.l., a former Pirelli subsidiary, with an associated transfer of production to Italy.

The electronic data processing system is replaced by a new UNIX system. The individual PC workplaces are given access to the Internet, and the EKASTU homepage is created at
Our company becomes a number of the "Interessenverbund Persönliche Schutzausrüstungen e.V." ("Association for Personal Protective Equipment"). Certification of our Italian production according to ISO 9002.

Opening of our branch located in Zagreb/Croatia.
Our company changed the name from Erwin Klein GmbH Arbeitsschutz into EKASTU Safety GmbH. All branches changed the names to EKASTU Safety.
EKASTU Safety developed a complete range of products and services to keep your eyes safe.

Developing and start of production of EKASTU Safety Single use rescue breathing device for lay persons.
Multi-type Combined Filter DIRIN 500 A2 B2-P3 NBC for civil defence and emergency management.
Opening of EKASTU Safety AG in Nendeln/Principality of Liechtenstein with own web site

The Highlight on A+A 2007 in Duesseldorf/Germany: Premiere of the innovativ Filtering Facepiece cobra foldy in 3D panel design.
EKASTU Safety celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Market implementation of our unique shotblasting protective helmets P4 and C4. Manufactured according to DIN EN 14594:2005 and DIN EN 397:2000 6.6 and 6.7
3 more delicacy are added to the eye protection range CARINA KLEIN DESIGN.

Relocation of the headquarter from Stuttgart to Waiblingen - more space for our existing products and for many planned novelties and innovations. Be curious

We present the world first AIRMATIC breathing assistance, which is our invention. Our AIRMATIC is used in combination with suitable full face or half masks. The breathing is facilitated a lot when using the battery-operated AIRMATIC. Thus you can save required forces. Get comprehensive information here:
Launch of the FixiFlux, a patented device with hood for escape for dogs and cats. FixiFlux is able to protect a pet, as well as a service dog from hazardous substances such as vapors, dust or smoke. The FixiFlux is available in various sizes depending on the size of the animal:

Get to know the new filtering face pieces series M@NDIL SL from EKASTU. Significantly lower breathing resistances and the first FFP3 design, which provides effective protection from toxic particles "in both directions",eg from nursing staff to patient AND from patient to nursing staff, are just some of the many advantages of our brandnewproducts:

EKASTU Safety AG in Nendeln, Principality of Liechtenstein, celebrates it's 10th anniversary.

Be even more up to date. EKASTU Safety launches the new homepage.

We remain "on the ball" for you!